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    Good morning all,
    A few hours from the end of the year, allow me to wish you a happy New Year's Eve.

    I got into my head to build a C64 emulator inside a Breadbin box, using BMC64 and a Raspberry PI - there are a few video projects like this on the net.
    I bought a Keyrah V2, in order to connect a real C64 keyboard - it works pretty well!

    Next, what I would like to do - and I haven't found anything about it on the net, is use the "physical" switch on the Keyrah to turn the Raspberry on / off.

    Is there any hardware solution / trick for this?

    Best regards,



    I have 2 SIDs (sid 1: 6581 sid 2: 8580) and I am wondering what would be the best configuration for this in the Remote Control Menu.

    There are indeed 2 menus available: "A: Audio Output" and "S: stereo SID options"

    I don't really understand how these 2 menus can complement and / or neutralize each other - and which one takes priority over the other. Example:

    - Should I set the A menu to L (sid 1 left / sid 2 right) to get the S menu stereo options to work?

    - What happens if I choose option 1 of A Menu (mono SID 1) as well as option 2 of S Menu (mono SID 2)

    What effects of the different possible configurations of these 2 menus if I use the audio output at the DIN A / V (video output)?

    And if I choose the 3.5mm jack Audio output ? Is this always a better option ?

    In summary: What would be the best possible options for playing / listening to "ordinary" music? to listen to music specially made for 2 SIDS?

    Best regards,


    Just tried this morning with another SD card.

    Good news - the reset with red button is ok, and so is F8+A.

    I need to do more tests, but I think everything will be ok.

    Many thanks for this personalized assistance !

    Best regards,


    Update : Without the SDCard, the red button reset well !

    And the F8 + A works too.

    So perharps the SD card is defective ? Do you have any prerequisites for the SD card?

    I have to find another one and make some more tests.

    Yes it work normally after a powercycle, but I need to power-off the C64R (power switch down).

    Yes, when I press A, it works.

    A note: when I try a reboot with the red button, I first have a blue screen / yellow writing, then the usual yellow background writing blue.

    Then the system crash.

    This is the only time I see this "blue background", which never appears at startup.

    Bad news, I'm afraid.

    As the problem persisted even in stand-alone mode, I proceeded with the update, which went well, as far as I can tell (using flasher.exe)

    But the problem remains, whether on the C64R, the C64 breadbin or even in stand-alone mode: A long-press of the read button causes a system crash. The Chameleon starts to reboot, but freezes before the end (see image).

    For Chameleon v2 just a second USB cable, For v1 you need the breakout cable.

    If you get the same behaviour in standalone mode, please update via USB using the update program

    I do not want to make a mistake - So I need two cable ?

    - One for "power" - mini USB connector at the bottom/left

    - One for "data" - mini connector at uper/left ?

    I have a V2 Chameleon, but currently I'm at work, and cannot examine it :)

    Best regards


    That's expected behaviour, as the colours need to be loaded from the flashed settings - before that's done, the bootloader needs to chose "some" colours, and that's the default ones.

    OK; so yellow is the default color; you should update the documentation, and recommend sunglasses for first use :)

    Hello Tobias,

    I already updated the Cameleon. I unziped everything at the root of the SD Cards, and let the Chamelon auto-update. Now I can see "Beta-9i" in the system info menu. (But the boot loader remains v0.4)

    What do I need to test the cartridge in standalone mode ? A power cable ?

    I tried this with two C64 : a "classic", old C64 breadbin, but also my brand new C64 reloaded :). (I'm pretty sure that the C64R does not need to be cleared with alcohol)

    Both are working fine, but I have the same problem with both of them when I want to use the right, red button.

    Best regards,


    PS : maybe this is normal behavior, but when I start the Chameleon, the screen is on a yellow background for a few seconds (despite I changed the background color to blue) before switching to blue.

    Hello again,

    I have several possible monitors to test the video quality of the Chameleon.

    What would be a good choice for a demo / games / PRG to quickly get an idea of the rendering - for example the fluidity of the scrolling?

    Best regards,

    Good morning all,

    I just bought this promising cartridge.

    I haven't unpacked anything yet, I wisely read the user manual :)

    Out of curiosity, is the update requested in chapter 3 (Beta-9i) essential? I don't think I have the required cable.


    Many thanks for your fast answer.

    Well, I'm a "breadbox lover" - as you said, it's the computer I played with when I was young, a long time ago.

    The C64C looks too much like an Amiga to my taste ...

    Best regards


    Good Morning All !

    I'm a new, french owner of the C64 reloaded MK2; I bought a Chameleon 64 too, and I hope both can work together.

    Right now, the MK2 is still in his box, but I have a few questions.

    My project is to connect the MK2 to a "modern" monitor (no CRT) on S-VIDEO. I want to have the best possible picture (my original C64 is good, but I have some "column effect" - You know what I mean ? ;)

    - Is there a "best VIC-II" video (PAL) Chip ? 6569R? or 8565 ?

    - Can I mix any video Chip with any CPU, or should I always use a CPU6510 when I use a 6569 video Chip ?

    - I plan to use both 6581 and 8580 sound chip : Is there a way to configure the MK2 to get some stereo effect ? (and is this a good idea ?)

    - Is there any "serial number" on the board ? I wish to buy a "C64 reloaded serial sticker" for fun :). I also wish to put a C64 "Reloaded MK2 label" on the C64, but I only found the C64C version, not the C64 Breadbox ...

    So if you have any answer to these existential questions :) or any (good) tips for beginners, I will be very happy to read you.

    Best regards