Docking Station and C64 keyboard

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  • Hi, I have a TC64 V2 and a V2 docking station. I have connected my TC64 to the docking station and connected a joystick and a C64 keyboard. The joystick works but the C64 keyboard doesnt. I have tried another C64 keyboard and it still doesnt work. The TC64 is running version beta 9h. Do i need to do anything else to enable the C64 keyboard? I have tried several different power supplies, the one i am using will deliver 1000ma.


  • ok, I've fixed it. I updated the firmware to the latest release and its now working. I used flasher.exe to update, first time i ran this it said found Turbo Chameleon V1. very strange, the update finished but then the TC just showed a black screen with the LEDS lit. i ran flasher.exe again and it said found turbo chameleon V2, this time it updated and now works.

  • I have the same prob.

    If you want to get support solving this problem, please describe in detail what you've tried to solve it - did you have any trouble installing flash updates?

    Please note that this thread is marked "resolved" for a reason: It was a simple firmware-not-up-to-date problem.