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  • Hello,

    I purchased RAPID ROAD USB last week which I got today. I installed it today to my A1200 and it was working perfectly- read my USB stick really fast. But after around one hour using it stopped working and the RAPID ROAD was too hot itself. If I turn my Amiga on again the led is not light anymore. :(

    Can you please help me what can I do now.


    Matu (Roland)

  • Dear Jens,

    The computer is Amiga 1200 rev 1D.4, kickstart 3.1/40.68 with ACA1230 accelerator, Indivision AGA MK2 flicker fixer, 4GB flash card, power supply is Commodore PE-3350-2



  • If the LED does not turn on any more, the controller definitely needs repair. This is mostly caused by under-voltage which causes the 3.3V regulator to oscillate, ultimately causing an SCR latchup in the 3.3V parts. Please send the unit back for a repair.

    To make sure this does not happen again in the future, please re-cap your PSU, or use a powered USB hub (that is: a unit wht it's own power supply) to operate your USB devices.