Need to RMA my board under warranty, how do I go about it?

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  • I can't get my C64 reloaded MK2 board to work properly. I replaced all the chips numerous times, but that does not make any difference. It boots with no characters on screen, no basic. My 1541 ultimate II + will work when I use it's buttons and interface, but no input from the keyboard is detected.

    I would like to RMA my board, however I can't find any information on how to start the warranty repair process. How do I proceed?

  • Are you saying the 1541U will display something when you insert it? That means the CPU, the memory, the PLA, the clock, the VICII is all working. Probably unlikely the board is at fault then :)

    Are you sure you inserted all ICs the right way around? And are you sure they do all work? the CIAs in particular...

  • Every board that leaves here has passed a full functional test with a real chipset - not a half-baked quick test, but a full test that starts the computer, requires keyboard input, load a program from floppy, use the expansion port and play back audio.

    Please double-check if you're using the sockets the correct way: Before you insert a chip, you move the lever up. After inserting the chip, you push the lever down. Some people reverse the lever position, and that makes bad contact in most cases.

    If a chip has oxidized pins, it may still make bad contact. To ensure that it has good contact, try to move it sideways in the socket with the lever closed. This will scratch off oxide layers and make proper contact.

    If that doesn't help, there's more diagnostics that you can do through the remote control menu. Did you wire that up yet?

  • Hi Jens,

    I have owned the mk2 reloaded since late June last year, and only have problems been creeping up over the past 1.5 months. I have all the ICs installed correctly. I always install the notch facing the lever, and I only install the IC while the lever is in th UP (open) positon. the D64 light on the board is solid green colour. Nevertheless, I tried again swapping different CIAs/VIC/SID/CPU and I tried moving them from side to side like you suggested. But it made no difference unfortunately. I also tried retinning the legs on the CIA chips, that did not help either.

    I have not accessed the board through the remote control menu before. Would you be able to help me with that?

  • Sure - just let us know where you get stuck if you work along the instructions in the Wiki.

    I have had time this weekend to re-read the wiki and connect the board to my computer. However it won't even come up with the welcome message. when I power on the C64 it shows garbled text (please see attached pictures). I checked, checked and double checked all my settings. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong here.

  • The Baudrate in Teraterm should be 19200 :) (generally when you get garbled text like this in a serial terminal, chances are the baudrate is wrong somewhere)

  • Thanks Tobias, I didn't realize it was defaulting back to default settings each time, and that a new instance had to be created with the settings panel open. It is working now.

    For some odd reason it was not recognising my VIC chip, I downloaded the firmware from the wiki and re-flashed the board. For good measure I made sure to load default default settings, reinitialize memory and reload ROM images from flash and clear settings in the factory test menu. No other errors were reported in the terminal. This seems to have solved the issues I had been having. BASIC now shows up fine, no random issues with I/O either. I'm not too sure if it was a bug or something in the firmware but I'm very glad it has been resolved!

    Thanks Tobias and Jens for your time and support. I really appreciate it