Running a BBS on the TC in standalone using RRNET

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  • We were asked a very good question over at the TC FB-group. We know that we can use RRNET in our TC in standalone mode and "call" BBS'es

    using CCGMS/Strike terminal programs which support RRNET so that it translates into Hayes AT command. about the other way around ? When the TC is in standalone mode and we connect it to ethernet via RRNET, how would it be possible to

    run a BBS on the TC in standalone mode ? The only way I can think of is to have a version of the which support using RRNET

    instead of RS232 modems.

    QUESTION: Does someone know which BBS software (please note: the BBS software which runs the BBS itself -- the "server" side if you like) that

    can operate and accept telnet-calls over the RRNET ? Maybe a RRNET-patchet versions of existing BBS-systems ?