Indivision MK2cr PURPLE COLOR problem

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  • I have a problem with displaying on Indivision MK2Cr and A1200. Everything works fine but unfortunately in some demos and games instead of one of the shades of gray purple color is displayed (its not artefacts but in places where should be gray color is purple).

    I checked Indivision on three different A1200 - the same problem.

    I bought replacement cable with HDMI output - the same problem.

    I reflash Indivision cores several times - the same problem.

    When I plug A1200 to TV via the AV connector everything with colors is OK.

    Any ideas?

  • Yes I have the same color problem on VGA and DVI output.

    This means that it's either happening on the way from the FPGA to the DVI encoder (which is also the DA converter), or the DVI encoder chip is plain defective. It's very likely we can repair that here - just send the unit and we'll take a look at it. If you're outside Europe, please make sure to mark it as "defective" with a low remaining value of maybe 5,- EUR. This will help clearing customs without me having to take a 2-hour drive to the customs office.

  • Thank You Jens.

    Im from Poland so its not a problem.

    Can I send on this adres:

    Individual Computers Jens Schönfeld GmbH
    Im Zemmer 6
    52152 Simmerath

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