ACA500Plus Dismo mount corectly ?

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  • Hello

    ACA500 plus has arrived today. When connected to the Amiga 500, the computer does not start (black screen). There is no LED on the ACA500 plus board. The seven-segment letter is also off. I turned off the computer, changed the power supply - no changes. The voltages measured on the board are 5.05V, 12.04, -12.01. Connector next to MC68000 cleaned twice with Isopropanol. I disconnected the ACA500plus and began to look closely, then dismo (two seven-segment display) I noticed that the connector is shifted by one row (two pins free - not connected) See photo. Is this the correct dismo connection? The PCB display is heavily glued. Could the ACA500plus be damaged if the display is mounted incorrectly?

  • Thank you for the information. After verifying the ACA500plus photos on the internet, I decided not to send you back, only very carefully installed the pcb from DisMo correctly. It works correctly when connected. I am happy and I hope I have not lost my warranty. Ps. Purchased with the ACA budgie for the A1200 also works correctly


  • Please let me know the warranty ID, so I can make a note in the database about this one, and your warranty is not void. We've already updated the QC procedure, so this can't happen again.

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