Adding more memory

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  • The ACA500plus leaves almost no space for extra memory: The 68sec000 processor only has 16MBytes address space, where not all of that can even be used for memory in an Amiga. If you take a look at the memory map of the ACA500plus, there's only 2MBytes of space available that could be used for memory.

    The 68ec020 processor has the exact same address space that the 68sec000 has, so the forthcoming ACA1221LC card will not give you much more memory: While that 2MBytes of space that's still free will be occupied by memory on the accelerator, most of the other memory of the ACA500plus will be invisible to the accelerator. As a result, your gain will only be about 2MBytes - but you'll also gain a lot in terms of performance.

    So the suggestion for an ACA1233n is definitely the best in terms of "price per megabyte", because the large available address space of the 68030 CPU (4GBytes) results in all physically available memory to also be logically available to the system.

  • Hi Jens, thanks for that info, I am thinking of the ACA1233n40, would I benefit from the mmu & also would this need any extra power or cooling, I have my ACA500plus with xsurf500 in a plexi case , cheers