A sneak peek at the ACA1240/1260 cooling system

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  • Is there a feature list for this card? Do you think about additional features you didn't have in mind yet?

    There are additinoal, not-yet-published features, but your question is asking for things I haven't thought about yet. Do you see the chicken-and-egg nature of your question :-)?

    Regarding power and features: where will this card be ranked compared to TF1260, Warp1260 and V1200?

    TF1260 and Warp1260 are surely ranked below the ACA1240/1260, and the V1200 is hard to compare - it doesn't use the original CPU and won't offer any FPU, so it's hard to compare. If you're looking for GFX, then you might be happy to know that the ACA1240/1260 has a fast expansion port for a GFX subsystem.

  • That sounds interesting. So I assume that initially the card will be sold without GFX add-on as a plain accelerator card?

    Do you have a desired release date in mind? V1200 and Warp1260 are already on the market :)

  • Do you have a desired release date in mind?

    It's going to be this year, but Corona has messed up a lot of things, so any date I'm announcing now is hard to keep.

    V1200 and Warp1260 are already on the market

    They'll have an "oh, we should have thought of that!"-moment when all features of the ACA1240/1260 are public.

  • At this point, we focus on Indivision AGA MK3 and the new power supplies. I fear that Indivision won't be available before the end fo the month, and then we have this year's scheduled vacation - I fear that work on the ACA1240/1260 can not continue before mid-July. Features will only be announced when they are verified positive. You may know that I'm very conservative with announcements; too many things have been announced by other companies that never happened, and I want to stand out as a positive example. Keeping this track record clean requires being conservative :-)

  • Indi MK3 sounds nice! I'm just so hyped about all the 68060 developments that its hard to decide and wait.

    Hope everything will work out the way you planned it.

  • what about ACA 040 or 060 will that be sold with procesors only? or maybe wioll be version for owners of 040 or 060 procesors. Fingers crossed

  • Is MK3 Grafitti support ?

    It's currently on the "nice to have"-list, but not on the "promised to be in"-list.

    what about ACA 040 or 060 will that be sold with procesors only?

    Yes, we will only offer fully working and guaranteed cards. The CPUs are in sockets and they are modding-friendly, but you'll have to pay licenses the different memory controllers (they are different for 040/060, so if you swap one for the other, there will be additional cost).

    one more question will MK2cr be compatible with ACA040/060 ?

    Yes, all Indivision flicker fixers are compatible with all accelerators.

  • I'd like a new accelerator this year and have been holding off getting in anticipation of these, would you be able to say if the 040/060's will be out before christmas? Thank you

  • At the Moment I am Looking Forward to get a 68060 Turbo Board from three sides. At Vampire I am on the PreOrdered List. At Warp 1260 I am Wating for a PreOrder Option (here I Like the Idea with the Passthrou of the FlickrFixer from CSLab thru the TurboCard) and then Individual. Even this will be only a TurboCard without other features this will also be a very nice card, even I know that the kompatibility will be very high. So the Winner will be this company, which want first my money ;)