Picasso96 rtg.library not found

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  • Hello everyone,

    First specs :

    Amiga 1200 tower

    Rapidroad USB clockport

    Indivision mk2 cr

    Fastata V

    Bppc 68060 & 603e 256mo ram

    Mediator Pci TX (with risers)

    Radeon 9250 128mo


    Amiga Os 3.9 bb2 with classicwb 2.8

    Blitzkick 3.9 rom patched with bppcfix on ram

    Error :

    1. Installation of latest Picasso96 by icomp goes without problem with cybervsion64 3d monitor. No picasso96 installed before, it's vanilla.

    2. Change name and tooltype of cyber sion3d monitor to Radeon (as requested by Mediator/Elbox)

    3. Double click on Radeon icon in devs:monitors

    4. Pop-up saying rtg.library can't be found (Picasso96 directory in libs: is there with all needed)

    5. Picasso96mode on prefs: doesn't start.

    6. If restart, loadmondrvs display an error : object not found.

    Any idea?

  • Any idea?

    Sure - use a driver that's developed to the spec. THe spec is now open. I am aware that Elbox has never purchased the developer package back in the days, and that there was a huge dispute between Abt&Kneer (the original authors of P96) and Elbox, because Elbox has just hacked a driver, never purchasing the developer information that was required back then.

    I have made the developer information free. Anyone can now develop proper P96 drivers without buying the developer archive. You don't even have to register - just read our Wiki: http://wiki.icomp.de/wiki/P96#Hardware_manufacturer_archive

    If Elbox did not find that yet, please point them to the page.

  • I guess there is no radeon driver beside the one from Elbox?

    Correct. Elbox is your go-to-place, as they have written the driver. The most paradox thing is that they even hold their own programming documentation closed, while they used P96 when it was closed as well.

    could you share a picasso96 package that works with the Elbox Radeon drivers?

    I guess the version on Aminet is what you need, as that's the version that Elbox has developed against. You still did the right thing, and that's to register your copy of P96. With your registration, you of course also have the right to use the older Aminet version.

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