RR-Net MK3 exits to READY

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  • Hi! I am using RR-Net MK3 in cartridge mode (directly connected to C64). The C64 version is ASSY 250425. I believe this is a very common version.

    When I hold the C= key during power-up or reset, the message is "RR-Net MK3 CodeNet Server (R38)" and I can type a "CodeNet IP Address". The default is Since my LAN router is using, and my computer is, I change the "0" to "1" so the RR-Net address to Then press RETURN.

    At this point, the message is "CodeNet Server waiting for commands". After a few seconds, the screen is cleared and I see "READY".

    I mentioned this on Lemon64 and Tobias responded to say that this is a firmware bug, and sometimes can resolve by reset multiple times. I reset at least 50 times and the issue persists. I still get READY. after a few seconds, no matter what I do.

    Tobias also states that there is an "alternate" firmware available. I read the README file at https://svn.icomp.de/svn/rrnetmk3/trunk/readme.txt. This README states that I must have C64 ASSY 250469 or later to re-flash firmware. Since I have ASSY 250425, I cannot do this.

    Is there any solution?


  • I still have to investigate why certain C64 board revisions fail to work with RR-Net MK3. This has been on my list for very long, but I cannot say if there will be time for it this year.

  • Update1:

    I have acquired another C64 250425. Same result.


    I borrowed a C64C. Same result.


    I successfully flashed the RR-Net MK3 with the "alternative" firmware which I downloaded from http://wiki.icomp.de/wiki/RRNet.

    With the new firmware, CodeNet starts and displays network activity on the screen, as long as the network activity is not directed to the RR-Net (

    As soon as I send anything to the RR-Net, it displays the packet on screen and hangs. RUN/STOP key does nothing. I have to reboot the C64 before I can try another experiment. I have sent several types of messages to RR-Net and they all cause it to hang:

    1. Click WarpCopy "directory". Result is "no reply" and RR-Net hangs.

    2. Click WarpCopy "send server". Result is "unable to send server" and RR-Net hangs.

    3. type "ping" in command line. Result is "request timed out" and RR-Net hangs.

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