MK2 boots okay but no cursor

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  • Ideally, you follow the IPC reflow profile: Roughly 3 minutes of pre-heating at 150 deg C, then ramp up to 260 deg. air temperature and make sure that you don't expose the board to this temperature for more than two minutes. I just keep lifting on the chip with tweezers while I apply hot air, and I move the hot air away as soon as I have the chip off.

    Don't force cooling, but let it cool in free air. You should solder the new chip on with a normal soldering iron, not with hot air, as that means less stress for the materials.

  • I have exactly the same problem. Got my MK2 only a few weeks ago and had now the time to test it.

    All CIA´s (3x) I tried works without any problems on original boards Also the other chips. . But on the MK2 i still get no cursor. Ultimate 1541II+ also don´t work. Same problem when the U1541II+ is not connected.

    Kazz: Found a solution?

  • Thanks for answer, Kazz! Good luck with repair!

    What else could be a reason for that behaviour? I am going to test a different CPU tommorow, but if that don´t work, I really have a problem with this MK2 that need to be solved, please.

    I tried already many different setups with diferent chips, none of those chips (CIA , CPU, VIC II, SID´s) make any problem on my original boards. But all I got on the MK2 is a initialized screen without any cursor and without any function.

    Could it be a power problem? I use the 12V power supply which I ordered together with the board.

  • Didn't we have one of these units here for repair? If so, please mention the "iRep" number (three-digit), and I can look up what we've done to make the board work.