ACA500plus V0.125 Firmware

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  • ** Please ignore, I just saw on another thread the issue is confirmed and will be addressed in a future release **


    I saw the new V0.125 update for the ACA500plus, and flashed it.

    I know it is mainly a release that adds support for the X-Surf-500, but still I wanted to try. By the way, is the X-Surf-500 support the only difference vs V0.122 or are there other changes?

    Anyway, it flashed with no issues and all worked fine except for one thing: The "HD activity LEDs" that are next to the CF Cards stopped working, they just remain off all the time. Everything else seems to work fine, I can use my system normally, but no... it's just not the same without the LEDs, I missed them badly :P

    So... I went back to V0.122 and the LEDs are working again. Everything else continues to work normally as well.

    Is this a known issue?


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