A604 RTC does not keep time when powered off

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  • The battery backed up clock of my A604 does not keep the time if the computer is powered off for more than 15 seconds. When powering up after more than 15 seconds the clock always get reset to 01-01-1978. I thought it’s because of an empty battery but a new battery did not help. I have:

    • measured with a multimeter that the battery has charge
    • measured with a multimeter that the battery + pole is connected with the connector on the card
    • used SetClock RESET, SetClock SAVE and SetClock LOAD. SetClock RESET resets the clock to 01-01-1978 but after setting the time and doing SetClock SAVE, SetClock LOAD will return the correct time but only until poweroff.
    • checked with SysInfo that a clock is found in the system

    Is there something more I can do or is the unit defective?

  • I measured the connections between the battery holder and the PCB, the diode and the RTC and probably at some point during this process did something that fixed the problem. Unfortunately no idea what - could be just that the battery holder minus terminal didn't have contact with the battery but can't really tell for sure.

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