Buddha CF cards and ZIP100 drives.

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  • As per the reply to Iridium, It's possible to flash the buddha 20th anniversary card and have "most" CF cards work. Will flashing the controller prevent Zip100 drives from working? I have 1 in my PC and 1 in my A2000 and would rather not loose that capability as that is the reason for buying the controller.

    Thank you very much for a fine product, so far it has work perfectly except for the CF card issue.

  • Unfortunately, the removable media support, such as LS120 and IDE-ZIP drives, is only in the old versions of the Buddha software (the version by Elaborate Bytes). The new software has not been tested with IDE ZIP drives, as my personal unit died (probably the "click of death"), and I haven't put much effort into finding a new one.

    Obviously, you want to have the ZIP drive as a "sneakernet" between your PC and the Amiga. You might want to think about network, so you can share files between the computers without having to exchange media. USB may also be a technology update :-)

  • Thank you for your reply. Since the PC and Amiga are not too far from each other, I will try to get working Amiga Explorer for the mean time to transfer files and look into networking for later, but both of my zips are recognized, mounted on the amiga, and working fine at the moment.

    How about access to them "CF's" issue?:)

  • I have performed the upgrade to the Buddha. Was a bit worried because the DOM could not be seen by the system but now It does. Also it now recognizes “some” CF cards but I’m sure it’s just the ones I have., might have to reformat with HDtoolbox or something similar because 2 out of 3 are recognized. Also, my Zip drive is still recognized by the system so I’m really happy.

    Again thanks for a fine product.

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