Big Ram plus

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  • Hi Jens and Tobias,

    Have been happily using the Big RAM plus for a while, just wanted to know if it is planned to be stocked again sometime in the future.

    Thank you

  • I do get a lot of requests for this, but need to do a re-design. The Xilinx CPLD on that card has jumped up in price to a level where it's impossible to make for "under 100,- EUR". I do have some ideas, but currently lack the time to try them.

  • Doesn´t matter if it jump up in price. I remember when I paid around 250EUR for 2MB of ram to my old A1000 around 1987 :-)

    I am also interested in Bigram plus for my A4000.

  • Re-opening this thread, because I've made a deal for XC95144XL chips. Still not the price that we've had in 2012 (when the last production run of BigRamPlus was made), but something that keeps me from making a whole new design and only moderately increasing the price.

    The other good news is that I've moved the design into my own CAD system and managed to make the card smaller. Remember back in 2012 we've deliberately made the card long enough to not fit the wrong way round. This has kept in-line PC cards from fitting. The new design is still a bit longer than the slot itself (just under 10mm), but it does not reach into the PC slots any more, so chances are good that it fits with in-line ISA or PCI cards.

    For chip-protection, I've added the "resistors of shame" construction that has already served a few Buddha and ACA500plus customers (resistors blow up if plugged in the wrong way round, but chips survive).

    I am accepting pre-orders. The delivery date is "very conservative" - it's likely to be available sooner than that.

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