X-surf 500 and WHDload

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  • Hi I am experiencing a strange issue(not really an issue to be honest). When I boot my A500+ with aca500plus and X-surf500, if I just press hide on the network configuration windows, WHDload freeze basically with any games. If I press stop and then hide, it works great. It is just me?


  • Hi,

    Most whdload games wont work with the x-surf500 active.

    Before i start a game, i stop the network first and then wait a few seconds before i start a whdload game or demo.

    Some demo's work. Initially i wanted to play my games/demo's from a fileshare. I found that some demos worked , some stopped after pressing a key or mouse button. My best gues is that some interrupt or other amiga resources are used that WhdLoad is depending on ..

    By the way Most native HD games/applications do work over a fileshare.

  • Network requires a TCP/IP stack to run, and of course multitasking to be active, which is not the case for 99.9% of the WHDload-ed programs. You therefore need to tell WHDload to shut down the network before launching the game/demo. Read here how a German user has solved it:

    X-Surf 500 und whdload Probleme