problems with x-surf-100 on A4000D with 060 accelerator

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  • Hello !

    I have a problem with my x-surf-100 running it in my A4000D with a 060 accelerator.

    The computer finds the card but the tcp-stacks (tried both miami and easynet) won't allow me to talk to the device.

    Also i've tried to run the xsurftest utility and got somewhat interesting message.

    I've attached some screenshots of output from showboards and xsurftest

    (external links removed)

    Any suggestions how to solve this ?

  • Hi,

    do not use external hosters - upload pictures here, and if you are just referring to text, please type the text here. This will help others to find a thread with key words listed in your text.

    Your report is missing important information, like the OS used, other cards in the system, Buster revision, what type of accelerator, clock of your accelerator, clock of your main board, and of course the easiest fix of all: Is the card working with the Z2 jumper closed?

  • Ok sorry, i've attached the photos as attachement to comply with the rules now.

    The reason i did not attach them here was due to size and didn't have the proper tools to resize and compress.

    Here are the system specs.

    OS: AmigaOS 3.1.4
    Kickstart: 3.1.4

    Model: Amiga 4000D (Buster 11)

    A4000 Daughterboard (original)
    A3660 (CPU-BOARD) (68060 Rev 5 CPU 50MHz)
    J100 set to EXT (Amiga 4000)
    J104 set to EXT (Amiga 4000)

    I've tried to run the X-SURF card both in zorro 2 mode and zorro 3.
    Also tried a couple of different slots on the daughterboard without success.

    For the record i've also tested a couple of different versions of the x-surf-100 drivers avaiable at with the same problem occuring.

    Regards Tommy

  • For the record i've also tested a couple of different versions of the x-surf-100 drivers avaiable at with the same problem occuring. (the shop site) does not host any drivers. Only the Wiki does. Since you run OS 3.1.4, you do need the latest driver. Please use:

    If you want to run the test program, please run it WITHOUT using the latest Kickstart, as OS3.1.4 uses the MMU to keep certain accesses from happening. After running the test routine, you'll have to restart the computer, as the test routine leaves the Ethernet chip in an undefined state that the driver cannot reset.

    If the card fails the test even in Z2 mode, you may just be looking at a contact problem. Remove the card and the baughterboard, clean the contacts with IPA and a micro fibre cloth and try again.

  • I had an issue getting the X-Surf 100 on-line with EasyNet. I tried the demo version of Roadshow and it went right on-line without a hitch.

    I recommend trying the demo....I bought Roadshow and it just works....

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