Picasso96 also for CyberVisionPPC / BVisionPPC, already build but not fixed ?!

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  • Dear iComp / Individual Computer,

    Hi All I hope that here is right place for this, so:

    I ask you why the "3DLabsPermedia2.chip" and CVisionPPC.card that are present on my OS4.1FE can't work under OS 3.x with your Picasso96 system ?

    Under OS 3.1.4 I whould like change my graphics system on my A4000 with CyberStormPPC and CyberVisionPPC because with CybergraphX can't work on new intuition library present on OS 3.1.4 and many other ....

    Thnkyou very much for your great works and support:thumbup:

  • The OS4 drivers are completely different from the classic drivers - there is no way for us to back-port them. With P96 IP making it's way into OS4, it forked, and we've only taken the non-PPC parts of P96 into our portfolio.