MK2cr pops out

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  • Hello.

    I have bought your Indivision MK2cr.

    I follow the installation instruction and push the socket over the Lisa chip. The socket goes all the way down to the motherboard pcb.

    The problem is that when I release the pressure, the device pops out immediately.

    The chip is a NCR

    What would be the solution to this issue?

    Thank you.

  • Please take a picture of both the Lisa and the socket. This is the first time in over six years of product availability that someone is reporting this - I can only assume that there's something wrong with the socket or there's something special with your A1200 that does not let the socket come down all the way.

  • I don't see anything special - neither on the socket, nor the Lisa. THe best explanation I have is that you're not pushing hard enough, and that not all four sides of the socket are all the way down. It does require quite a bit of pressure, but once in place, the unit will hold very stiff.

  • I tried removing completely the motherboard, to give some more support under it. I think the flexing is a part of the problem.

    The device is now fixed to the Lisa chip. But quite unstable, a minimal force pops it out again.

    My question is, what happens if the module pops out during operation? Will it damage the module and the Amiga?


  • Popping out won't be a problem, but "half-contact" will be. If the power-up ramp is not controlled, at least the Xilinx chip may suffer a latch-up (i.e. "dies"), essentially causing a short on the 3.3V rail. So you should really make sure that it does not pop out. I've watched your video, and it does indeed clip down nicely, so I would not expect what I see next in that video.

    One more thing you could try is to clean the Lisa and the socket with alcohol and an old toothbrush. This "easy popping back" does seem like there's some kind of grease on the pins (did you use a contact spray on this chip?), making it way too easy for the socket to be moved. With pure alcohol and a toothbrush, you will remove any such layer, and it may hold good enough for stable operation.

  • From the marks it seems that the socket "grabs" the chip pins at the very edge, this makes it easy to disconnect.

    So I did grind the socket a little bit more, so it sits a little bit lower.

    Everything seems to be fine now.

    I have also cleaned wit alcohol the pins just in case.

    It may be that my chip was soldered just a little bit lower than usual. FYI the chip top surface is 4,5-4,6mm above the PCB.


  • I am having the same issue after having it installed in my A1200 for well over a year... Nothing has been modified/changed since I installed it. I press it down and in 2-5 seconds it pops off the chip.



  • Indivision AGA MK2 has been in the field for well over six years now, and the new, imroved socket has satisfied all customers so far. These are the first reports of this kind.

    kgthomps: Is your Lisa also an NCR type?

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