Buddha Anniversary Edition Allowed IDE Devices...

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  • Hello,

    What are the allowed IDE devices to be attached to the Buddha Anniversary Edition? I've attached a DVD/CD-Rom drive and IDE drive without issue, but the following devices were not seen or caused the A4000 not to boot, they are: IDE to SATA adapter (By StarTech, Model: PATA2SATA2) (no boot, nothing, black screen), and an IDE to CF adapter (not seen on the Buddha IDE bus).

    I understand TrueIDE adapter doesn't work on the Buddha, which is unfortunate. I have one in the A4000, inserted into the IDE port.

    Another question: It appears you can't use the supplied DOM to install the AmigaOS on anything but the Buddha IDE bus as no other buses are listed for installation. Is that the case? :/

    I truly appreciate your products, thank you! :thumbup:


  • Hi,

    most devices will work out of the box, but some will require the new software, like the IDE to CF card adapters. Download the upgrade disk from the Wiki and execute the flash update (not the CPLD upgrade), this will make most CF cards work, and it may even make the Pata2Sata adapter work.

    Yes, the Buddha OS Installer is primarily for installing devices on the Buddha IDE bus, and product support ends where you want to extend it's use. However, it should be easy to find the right commandline options to call the installer with if you want to install a different device name.

  • Jens,

    Thanks for the reply! I ordered this in mid-July from AmigaKit, would it be updated already?

    Also, this update (if required) will require the making of a cable? DB25 to 10 pin IDC connector, or similar?


  • Please read what I wrote: You do not need the CPLD upgrade (that's already in the card), only the flash update. No need for a cable. Just unpack the files, ignore the files that are about the CPLD upgrade and do the flash update with this command line:

    1. buddhaflashtool buddharom.bin
  • Hello,

    Yes, it seems reading small text on my phone and being old isn't recommended. Now that I understand we aren't talking about the CPLD, I found and downloaded the BFlashTool.lha file, but where is the the bin file? I've extracted the lha which contained 2 files (BuddhaFlashTool and the readme) but I could not find the bin file anywhere on your site.



  • You've found the old flash tool for the 1998 version of the controller. Use the download for the CPLD upgrade, ignore the CPLD upgrade files and only use the flash tool and binary file on that disk.

  • hi Jens

    I made the mistake of inserting an IDE device into port two with the dom jumper on now the only devices it sees are the dom installation disk and my dvdrw can you help or do I just need to buy another buddha?

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