have DOM that needs +5V

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  • so since jumper is for 3.3V DOMS do I keep the jumper off on the Buddha and hookup the power externally ?

    also, is the onboard IDE port disabled once Buddha installed since I can't see any drive to show up in WorkBench since I installed my Buddha


    ok so disabled power jumper and hooked up external power to DOM in 2nd port and power light on DOM on but HDToolBox doesn't see anything? still also can't see anything plugged into IDE port on my A4000?

    right now have original DOM in 1st slot with AmigaOS only intalled on it, new 5V DOM in port 2 that HDToolBOx doesnt see and 1 CF card that was workign great in port 2 now not beeing see at all in the onboard IDE

  • update:

    got onboard IDE working ok now....tried switching DOMS and switched oriignal DOm to slave and new one (not recognized to Master) still same story...closer though

  • The jumper on Buddha Flash anniversary edition routes 5V power to the IDE port.

    The IDE ports are indipendent. They use a separate Master/Slave setting, so if you are using two DOMs in two IDE ports, you must set both to "Master". One will appear as unit#0, and the next will appear as unit#4.

    If the DOM keeps acting up, please use the latest flash rom.

  • great info thanks! Also tried the latest flash rom under downloads and it says both CPLD and flash updates were already installed so I'm assuming I have the latest?

    Is there a newer flash rom available?

  • Then you already have the latest, and just an incompatible DOM. Please try a different one - some of them use regular CF card controllers which are not even re-configured to DOM operation.

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