Games that work in turbo mode

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  • I have started to compile a list of games which take advantage of the turbo mode. Since i can obviously not test all games :) it would be great if you would name whatever such games you know of, so i can add them to this list.

    In advance: this is explicitly (only) about games that don't just run faster as a whole, but those that will work "correctly" when the turbo is active, and eg maintain a higher framerate. Games that use the 2MHz mode of the C128 by using $d030 also fall into this group.

    NOT relevant would be eg: Driller, Elite, Stunt Car Racer (these just run faster as a whole). Relevant would be eg: Slipstream, Uridium+, Test Drive 2

    Please also test the games on the list - as i am right now compiling it from other lists (mostly C128 enhanced games) - and let me know if they work right.

    The following are the games i tested that do NOT qualify - ie they will just run faster as a whole, and often become unplayable:

    Chase HQ


    Elite (original version)




    Power Drift

    Space Rogue


    Star Glider

    Stunt Car Racer


    Turbo Charge

    all Freescape games:

    A Chance in Hell

    3DKit - Game eXtreme version

    Castle Master

    Cyborg 2900

    Dark Side


    Time Crystal

    Total Eclipse

    Total Eclipse 2

  • Test Drive and Test Drive 2 also support $d030. Works nice in 2MHz. I usually play both with the FPGA Turbo Setting of 4MHz.