ACA 1232 and AmigaOS 3.1.4 - where do I find the 68030.library?

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  • Hi everyone.

    Planning to purchase the brand new AmigaOS release (3.1.4) as soon as the physical ROM chips are available, I've read the installation FAQ a few times. It mentions the necessity of having a suitable 68030.library handy when you start the software installation.

    In my case, the target computer is an Amiga 1200 fitted with Individual Computer's ACA 1232. Does this piece of hardware come with a resident 68030.library stored in its ROM, or is its 68030.library disk based? If it is - is it possible to buy a companion floppy that holds the ACA 1232 68030.library, or is the only option to download it?

    All help is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance! :thumbup:

  • The 68030.library is not our product, but it's a free piece of software, part of the MMU libraries from Thomas Richter. This is available on Aminet:

    Thanks for your hint - we will see if we can get the rights to host this on the iComp network drive, which will be launched later this month.

    Got it - thank you for your quick and thorough reply, and more importantly for providing such an outstanding service for the Amiga and C64/128 communities! I can't wait to see what you will pull out of your hat next - crossing my fingers for the A1200 Reloaded or the CD32 Indivision!

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