First Pictures of the X-Surf-500

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  • Small bug. If the X-Surf-500 is online. Whdload games wont boot. They go to black screen and stop.

    Try going offline before starting a WHDload game. Note that WHDload just stops multitasking to make the old games run. This may leave the Ethernet chip in a state where it will issue an IRQ, and without multitasking, there is no driver to catch that IRQ, and the machine will just hang.

    WHDload has scripts that are executes before launching a game, and after ending a game. Just add for the start-script:

    1. network stop flush

    ..and when returning from a game, add:

    1. network start
  • The CF lights on the ACA500PLUS have stopped working.

    This is now fixed in V0.126 of the menu system.

    Using Amiga Explorer is really fast.. Saves having to change CF card from Amiga to PC. :):):)

    Since you now have a grown-up TCP/IP stack and networking hardware, Amiga Explorer is kind of a step back. Not only will it cost money, it requires installation on both sides of the network for a proprietary protocol. This may be useful if you only have a serial link, but now that you have Ethernet, I'd say try mounting a drive with Samba. Even with a 68000 CPU, it's surprisingly fast. And best of all: it's free.

  • Good afternoon Jens. Small bug. If the X-Surf-500 is online. Whdload games wont boot. They go to black screen and stop. :/:/:/

    Try setting the device driver offline, like so:

    offline x-surf-500-plus.device 0

    And back online:

    online x-surf-500-plus.device 0

  • CF lights still not working after upgrade to 0.126 ??

    Check if you really updated to 0.126 - hit the TAB key and see if it's the latest. Other customers have confirmed that it works, and the test-setups here also confirm that the CF lights are OK with the latest menu system.

  • CPU: 68030 FPU: 68882 Agnus: ECS PAL Denise: ECS

    Chip RAM: 2048k.

    Trap door slow $C0 RAM: 0k.

    ACA500p on-board $C0 Fast RAM: 512k.

    ACA12XX ID $00 ($00000000) Accelerator $68000000 Fast RAM: 64M

    Physical ROM: 37.175. (Address $00F80000, Size 512k, CRC 0x000B927C)

    MAP ROM area empty or checksum error.

    RTC 1: Not detected.

    DFO: $FFFFFFFF DF1: $FFFFFFFF DF2: $00000000 DF3: $00000000

    ACA500p ROM: v0.126, HW ID: $08. Flash ROM ID: $EF/$16

    MCU: DisMo V1.7 dec-20-2016. Config mask: $0000007F

    X-Surf-500 installed. MAC 28.CD.4C.xx.xx.xx

    So think it should be right. But no lights working. ??

  • I have found the issue. If i unplug my Blizzard1230 IV card. The CF lights work... LOL

    Issue confirmed - hope to have a fix soon.

    I also see in the Icomp/Indivision directory. There is a folder ECS-V2. Is this still work in progress and when are these expected to be in production. :):):):):):) More new toys to buy. lol

    Indivisino ECS V2 is currently work-in-progress. I may be able to publish all specifications either late this week, or next week.

  • Hi,

    First of al, i realy like the x-surf-500 and the aca-500! When the Indivision ECS V2 arives i realy have my dream amiga 500 :)

    About the WHDLoad crashes and the X-surf-500 :

    Most of the time WHDLoad crashes when the X-Surf-500 is online, so offline we have to go for most games/demo's. (I actually wanted to run these games over a networkshare, some worked, some not)

    Some games like Turrican III can also crash when the x-surf is offline and my aca1233n is connected. This didnt happen before the X-Surf-500 was added.

    Solution that seems to work is to go to the config of WHDLoad (sys:s/WHDLoad.prefs) and uncomment "NoAutoVec".

    With an ACA1233(n) ibrowse is running acceptable an a Amiga 500 for accessing sites like Aminet, (put the jpeg and png encoding to external, internal requires an FPU).

    By the way, a great use of the X-Surf is to make proper backups to an external NAS or SAN (turn on SMB1). I also acces my documents and source codes over a netshare.

    Works like a charm^^ The speed of transfer is really good. Working with netshares (smbfs) is really comfortable. I hardly notice the difference and it gives me infinite storage too ;)

  • now that the size of the X-Surf-500 is known, we will most likely make our own case design, but it may be possible for others to modify their designs.

    Hey Jens, quick questions: Is this case design for ACA500plus still under consideration or has a decision being made? and if you decide to produce it, will it fit both old & new DisMo / Button size / locations?


  • I won't have the time to design a case in the next few weeks, but it's surely something I'd like to do. There are just so many other things on the list... so if you have a different source, go for that.

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