First Pictures of the X-Surf-500

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  • Today the first five X-Surf-500 cards arrived. All five cards work perfectly, and the test procedure is now also adapted to be moved over from development into production.

    The card will simply attach to the top of an ACA500plus or ACA500...

    ...and then secured with the included screw-on standoffs:

    We will accept preorders soon. The Price of 79,98 EUR(*) includes not only the 100MBit network card, but also a license for the AmiTCP stack, plus a GUI and a DHCP client which was developed completely new. It has never been easier to connect an Amiga to the Network!

    (*): including 19% VAT, plus shipping cost

  • Pre-orders are open now. The X-Surf-500 is the first product that is using the shop functionality of delivering a download with a purchase. If you own an ACA500plus, you can place an order as a guest, because the required update files will be published in the WIki in the next few days.

    If you have an ACA500, you don't have as much flash space, so you will need the download. In order to gain access to the file after your order is paid, you need to be logged in and navigate to Account -> Order history and get the file there.

    If you have placed the order as a guest and later discover that you require the download: No problem! Just make a new user account (or login with your existing account) and make sure that the shipping address of that account is identical with the shipping address you have entered with the guest-order. In Account -> guest orders, you will see the order and if you know the order ID, you can use that as kind-of-a-password to associate the order with your user account. Once this is done, it will be shown in the order history, making the download available.

  • We've always told other people and businesses that they should not design a case for the ACA500 or ACA500plus, because it's not yet known how much space the add-ins will require. Please turn to the vendor of your case to get that information - now that the size of the X-Surf-500 is known, we will most likely make our own case design, but it may be possible for others to modify their designs.

  • One example is a free service that we're launching with the release of the X-Surf-500: The "iComp drive". If you double-click on the "mount iComp" icon after the automatic installation is complete, the computer will mount a network drive that can be used as if it was a local harddrive. Your Amiga can directly access files that are hosted on our servers through that drive: You always have access to the latest versions of drivers and support programs for our products without the need for an additional, internet-connected PC and a data transfer method.

    Is it also possible to navigate through your own pc network by clicking an icon?

  • Is it also possible to navigate through your own pc network by clicking an icon?

    Yes, you can also mount other network drives. What we're using is Olsen's "Samba" package, and to make that work through the internet, we're just using a different port than the standard Samba port.

    Samba is a free software package that can be used independent of our networking cards. It works with any stack and therefore also with other networking cards. However, it may be a bit more difficult to mount your PC's drive on the Amiga, as you need to edit config files; there is no GUI for Samba that will help you.

  • Can we get the translation files for the GUI. So that we can translate it to our native language. :)

    While the GUI is using the locale infrastructure of the OS, it does not use external files for the catalogues. The two languages are compiled into the binary.

  • Installed new firmware. And a couple of bugs have appeared. The CF lights on the ACA500PLUS have stopped working. And the installer will not install the virtual network disk on a CF card with OS3.9 Installed. Worked fine on OS3.1. :(:(:(

  • That's why OS3.1 is recommended. Both OS3.5 and OS3.9 are dead forks of the OS, so we don't support that.

    We haven't tested the setup procedure with OS 3.1.4 yet, but if that should fail, you can expect an update from us. For OS3.5 or OS3.9, we will not provide any update.

    CF LED issue confirmed, will be solved in the next version.

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