ACA500+ stopped working (E5)

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  • If you're absolutely sure that you won't plug the unit upside-down again, you can also just bridge these resistors. The 22R value is just to make sure that the resistors do burn up and the protection diodes don't take too much current.

  • checked the resistors of shame and found only the outer one blown so bridged it as you suggested and it's back up and running, I've ordered so.e 0603 22r resistors so will replace it when they arrive.

    I will be ordering 2 cf sockets as well and some 0.02mm enameled wire to tray and repair the missing cf sockets and see if I can get it back to factory spec

    Thanks Jens for your advice

  • Hi,

    My ACA500Plus today developed this exact issue, it had been working fine up until this point and was happily sitting inside it's plexilaser case.

    The card has never been inserted the wrong way round, so I can't be sure of the cause.

    Your advice is greatly appreciated.



  • I've managed to solve the issue, in my case one of the onboard Ram chips had worked loose and just needed pushing back in.

    I noticed that when unplugging the ACA500Plus I was getting a green screen, which pointed me to a memory issue.

  • Funny - normally it's the Agnus chip that has contact problems. Your computer must have been in repair at some point, as memory chips are normally not in a socket. It's always interesting to speculate about the past of a machine :-)

  • So my original A500+ motherboard suffered the dreaded battery leak (something I will rectify one day), so I purchased a Black A500++ motherboard and created a new fresh motherboard to go along with my ACA500Plus. I must have not quite pushed all the ram chips in properly when installing and moving the Amiga to it's new pride of place must have jogged it out.

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