Strange behavior with P96 V3.4.1 and Workbench lasso

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  • I noticed a strange behavior with the Workbench lasso.
    I am using a CyberVision64@1280x1024x16.

    When starting the lasso on the upper part of the screen then going down, it works normally until line 800 is reached, then its right part is corrupted. The same happens when starting it from the lower part of the screen. Every time line 800 is crossed by the lasso, the issue is triggered.

    I also noticed some corruptions related to line 800 crossing with some MUI drag'n drop stuff, but I'm not sure how to reproduce it.

    Not sure it is related to P96 at all, but I don't remember having seen this with Cybergraphics which I used previously.

  • Is this just on a plain workbench, or do you have a window opened where you multi-select a few icons?

    Does the behaviour change if you change resolution or colour depth?

    Last not least, it would be goo if you could post a picture of the corruption.



  • It is a plain Workbench. No windows. No icon selected. Just about dragging the lasso on background.

    About the resolution, I do not have much choice to test because 1280x1024x16 is the only hicolor mode which is going beyond 800 lines. The issue does not occur in 8-bit.

    Once line 800 is crossed, right part of the lasso disappears and some pixels are trashed on the background. Sometimes the missing part of the lasso is displayed at the bottom right of the screen. The issue really only appears when crossing line 800, either from top or bottom.

    Here are some pictures.

    Lasso corrupted from bottom to top when crossing line 800:

    Lasso corrupted from top to bottom when crossing line 800:

    (when can also see some lasso part which appears at bottom right)

    Lasso OK when not crossing line 800:

  • Thanks - please try to disable the blitter, either with P96prefs, or with NOBLITTER=YES in the tooltypes. The Trio64 driver is one of the few drivers that hasn't been hand-optimized yes, due to lack of a Z3 machine for Thor.


  • OK. I confirm that NOBLITTER=YES makes this issue to disappear. But it also makes the Amiga totally unusable because everything is becoming very slow (such as scrolling an IBrowse page or a Workbench window content).

  • FYI, the issue is in fact quite easy to trigger with MUI as well.

    When using MUI application providing toolbars/gadget drag'n drop to configure the layout (I tested with AmIRC), graphics are corrupted every time the vertical dotted lines displayed to visualize the destination area are crossing the line 800.

    It is only related to the vertical dotted lines. No issue is triggered with horizontal ones.

    Do you have plans to fix this issue?

  • Do you have plans to fix this issue?

    I'd love to, but will need a Z3 machine to do that. Both the CV64 and A4000 to develop that on were loaners and have long been returned to the owner.

    My own Z3 machines are all dead: Three A4000D and one A3000D. If anyone reading this is capable of repairing A4000D boards (probably hours of capacitopr-exchanging), I'd be very happy for help (preferrably on Germany/NRW or Belgium/Netherlands near the border). We're way too busy doing this kind of work - see this post: Boss is even in the office on a sunday. Way too many employees on sick leave since September 2023.

    I dis buy a CV64 a few months ago, but it doesn't have full memory (not sure what's required). So it's really lack of a working A4000 that's holding us back.