Amiga SD Project (just as good as an USB)

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  • Notice: I made and error in naming ASD in the Mount ASD directory, it seems the mount command wants to mount ASD too soon. Renaming it to ASD Mount seems to work. ASD needs to be mounted manually, when you need it. At this time, I can't find a way for the buddha IDE to see a disk change like the floppy. I am going to try it on the A1200 as t has an IDE and see if it can see a disk change. Anyone that knows a way for the system to see a disk change please share it. Jens mentioned an unmount command, but I can't find it. ASD could be unmounted before you remove the SD, you wouldn't need to reboot.

  • Jens

    I installed my Adiadne II network card, installed the AmiTCP software, I search for a network connection and found none. There is no mention of my card and if I need to load the software. I have the following software.

    IBrowse Ver1.0

    Termite TCP

    AWeb v3.5

    Genesis V1.2 (I used years ago)

    Adiadine II install disks 1 & 2

    Adiadine II device disk

    What additional software do I need to get AmiTCP to see my board?

  • All you will need is the Sana-II device of the Ariadne card. It is called "ariadne_ii.device" - mind that all characters of the name are lower-case. This is important for Amiga device names!

    Copy this file to your AmiTCP:devs/networks drawer.

    Edit the file amitcp:db/interfaces with a text editor of your choice. Copy one of the lines that describes an interface and change the device name to "ariadne_ii.device", as in the attached picture. Note that a has # at the start of the line marks a comment, so all other interfaces of this config file are disabled and won't show in the list of our GUI. I have attached that exact file as well, so you can just copy it into the place of the original.

    On your next launch of AmiTCP, it should just attempt to go online through that interface. If it doesn't, you may need to switch to that interface first, then save settings and attempt to go online again.


  • I'd suggest to not use an Amiga for browsing at all, as today's web requires encryption and Javascript all the way, which is both not available - in case of encryption it is, but requires at least a 68040 CPU. Browsers with Javascript aren't available to my knowledge.

    I use network to transfer files without having to carry media around, and to set the time. There's a nice NTP client on Aminet.


  • Jens

    I have a good backup to restore my Amigas so if I do get infected, I can get back to running in 2 minutes.

    I don't have an FTP program. I tried to download AmiFTP but all the downloads don't have the installer in them. I am going to look in my old disks and see if I missed one. I am getting close to get the Amiga connected with my windozzz pc. I will check Aminet for the NTP client.


  • Jens

    What mode is the Buddha IDE, can it be changed to AHCI mode? AHCI is able to use hot plugin which would not need to reboot the Amiga when using HD, SSD and SD card is remove. Also, the AHCI mode is more efficient, the AHCI must be enabled before installing the OS.