About mk3 flat cable

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  • Hi

    This message it's for the developers

    I bought a mk3 kit for my Amiga cd32 I ask the question is it possible to make a more longer flat cable to allow more user-friendly positioning as in my case I would like to place it in place of the RF module

    I put a exemple in picture

    Thanks :)


    • 20220418_170341.jpg
  • I have specifically made a short cable to get the best-possible picture quality. The recommended position on CD32 is on the side, but I understand that you may not want to cut a hole into the side of the case. The A1200/A4000T version comes with a longer cable, which we also offer as a spare part. Drop me an eMail if you want to buy that.


  • Yes, I've sent a sample invoice yesterday, 10:21 CET. Please check your spam folder, or even better, change your eMail provider. Microsoft is particularly uncooperative in letting eMail from small servers through - it took us several weeks to get off their balck list, but they appear to still flag our eMails as spam.