Micromys V5 sensitivity with C64

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  • Hi, this is my first time writing here.

    I have the Micromys V5 with slim connector that I bought in August.

    I have a logitech PS/2 mouse M-SBF69 connected to it.

    Originally I tested the mouse + Micromys combination with (C64) Arkanoid and Arkanoid2

    and they worked well, albeit movements were noticeably very sensitive and required

    only very small mouse displacements.

    Recently I tried a couple of other (C64) games. Eye of the beholder was at first unplayable,

    because the mouse pointer was jumping all over the place. I'm guessing because of excessive sensitivity. Fortunately EOTB had

    the alternative sensitivity option and that calmed the movements down to a very usable level.

    I then tried Maniac Manson, the version with mouse support, but the mouse was again very hard to control, that

    again felt like too big a response to my tiny movements.

    Lemmings was playable but required very small and careful movements.

    So my question is, is there was a way to lower the pointer speed if there is no (C64) software option for doing this in application?

    I'm using automatic detection.


  • My google foo fails on my apparently - is that a high-dpi mouse? The more DPI the mouse has, the faster are the movements the C64 "sees"

  • Hi Tobias,
    I bought the Logitech M-SBF69 (optical) as it was the only one being sold by someone nearby.

    I don't know its tracking DPI. Quickly googling with the product ID produces only hits of for sale announcements (probably second hand).

    If this is a case of too big a DPI, is there a model you'd recommend that one might be able to buy?

    In what range should the DPI value be?

    Thanks again,

  • I found that the sensor has 400DPI, which isn't excessive. I know that 1000DPI mice are near-impossible to use on retro computers, unless you set the WB settings of the Amiga to be very un-sensitive. Unfortunately, you don't have that option on a C64.

    Maybe it's just that particular game? Is the pointer at normal speed in Geos? If you've tried Arkanoid before, the mouse may be in paddle mode, which will make the mouse jump around like crazy. Please make sure that it's really in 1351 mode for "normal mouse operation".


  • 400DPI should work fine (but i doubt its that, at least its not a common value - 4000 would be too much however).

    I have tested with a 1000DPI mouse during development, and that will result in "very fast but not totally unusable". A plain old 300DPI PS/2 Mouse will give you the same speed as a 1351 (which has 150DPI, like Amiga and Atari Mice)

  • Hi, Thanks for the tips.

    Strangely enough, I a had a little bit of improvement to the mouse control by taking an old black mouse pad to use.
    Lemmings is now a bit more playable. For some reason the mouse countrol in Maniac Mansion is still very aggressive.
    I'm going to try and find a slow (300 dpi) PS/2 mouse. By PS/2 mouse, did you mean the IBM one?
    Are there some other models with 300DPI I might want to look for?

    I haven't tried GEOS yet, as I'm not sure which versions (there seems to be lots!) to try.

    Thanks again!