KeyrahV3 + pin header + led blinking

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  • Hi,

    I used the KeyrahV3 for several weeks, powering it through an external USB port. I decided to purchase a pin header for soldering. I performed the soldering, started the Pi, and everything worked correctly: the LED lit up, and the keyboard worked.

    After a few minutes of gameplay, everything stopped working. I opened the case and noticed that the soldering had come off, so I proceeded to redo it. However, the Keyrah has stopped working: now the LED is blinking, and the keyboard no longer works.

    Did I f.... the board? What does it mean that the LED is blinking?

  • There's more than one LED that you can connect to Keyrah V3. Which one is blinking?


  • I attached the original LED from the C64 case to the 3 Pin LED Connector next to the keyboard connector (the manual refers to that pin as the C64 Style)

  • Depending on which way round you plug it, it's going to be the Power LED, or the NumLock LED. You can cross-check with a second keyboard connected to the same computer and see if there's any LED flashing in sync.

    Where on the planet are you?


  • ok I desoldered the 4 pin header, reconnected everything, and it started working again!!!

    Now the keyboard works, and the LED stays on.

    I must have done a poor soldering job that caused the issue. Now, I'm not sure if I should trust redoing it ^^^^^^

  • Just for the records: blinking "power" LED means the device is "initializing", ie the USB devices are not up and running yet. You never see this in normal operation (it will only "blink" for a fraction of a second) :)