Picasso96 v3.4 installation guide for FS-UAE

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  • I have created an installation guide for Picasso96 v3.4 for installing it on FS-UAE (Linux and Windows).

    It is for new Amiga users like myself and is called "Picasso96 v3.4 FS-UAE install guide.odt". (Attached as "Picasso96 v3.4 FS-UAE install guide.7z")

    Please take a look/review, and if you believe it is helpful, feel free to 'use/change/update it' and post it with the Picasso96 software or on this forum. What ever you think is best.



  • Looks great!

    The best place is probably our Wiki, as that's where all technical documentation of iComp products is gathered. While browsing through your guid, I've had a few ideas for reducing the amount of clicks. Will discuss with Thor.

    Thanks a lot for your work!