A604n and Subway 2021

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  • Hello Everyone,

    I just received the A604n and I wanted to do some testing with my Subway2021. On my A1200 I'm trying to get an USB-CDROM to work with anaiis, but my A1200 is so overexpanded, that I wanted to try it on a more basic system. (and since my other A1200 board is still away on repair...).

    Now reading the info in the A604n manual, it seems rapidroad and Subway are supported, however I've heard that the Subway and the Subway 2021 are not the same (electrically?)
    Would this combination work? and how would the subway 2021 be mounted? components up or down? (rapidroad says down, subway says up.. and i have a subway 2021 :))
    I'm not putting the Subway 2021 in till I know for sure it works.

    If it doesn't work, too bad, but I needed a new memory expansion for the A600 anyway

    Thank you guys in advance.

  • however I've heard that the Subway and the Subway 2021 are not the same (electrically?)

    You need to ask the manufacturer of Subway 2021 about that. It's not our product.

    Same answer about the orientation of the unit on the A604n's riser card. We don't have a Subway2021 for testing here, so no definitive answer possible at this point. Feel free to indicate to the manufacturer that we'd be weilling to extend our Wiki with an installation picture if a unit for testing is sent here.


  • Hello Jens,

    Thank you, I've redirected my question to Alinea, from who I have purchased the SUbway 2021 and who indicated on their website, that they are the manufacturer, let's wait and see.