Keyrah 3 and Mech64

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  • Hi,

    Does anyone know if there is a way to get the Keyrah to recognize a commodore 64 mechboard64?

    I thought it would see it as standard 64 keyboard the way the commodore does but that is not case.


  • Rms68-2

    Changed the title of the thread from “Keyrah 3” to “Keyrah 3 and Mech64”.
  • Hu? Isnt it a 1:1 replica of the original keyboard? That should work just fine! How is it "not recognized"?

  • it simply doesn't work. No key presses work at all. I have 3 of them, all same deal.

    They are mechboards with LED so perhaps it's trying to draw too much power?

    if that's case, do you think removing the LED's would resolve that?

  • Beware! Those instructions are for Keyrah V1 and V2, where the Vcc pin of the keyboard connector is really "NC" (not cnnected), and it may actually work if you wire a 5V source to that pin.

    On Keyrah V3, pin#4 of the C64 keyboard connector carries an LED signal, so wiring 5V to that pin will inevitably cause damage to Keyrah V3. If you really want to use that keyboard with Keyrah V3, I suggest to use a custom cable that separates pin#4 from the connector - hard-wire this to the 5V source that you trust can handle load, which is unknown due to the LEDs that can be installed.

    Further, Keyrah V3 won't be able to make a difference between the left shift key and the shift lock key. However, you can add a 75 Ohms resistor into the trace of the left shift key (68 Ohms may also work). This should give sufficient headroom for making out a difference between the to keys.


  • custom cable is way to go. Thanks

    Is there a point on the board I can draw poower? I suppose I can use any power and put a resister in line as well to get i t to 5v

    Thanks Jens

  • problem solved! I drew 5v from the open LED port to pin 4 as you suggested and now it works as expected including LEDs

    Thanks again Jens!


  • Can you make a picture and perhaps describe in a few sentences what exactly you did? That may help someone else in the future :)

  • I'm curious which trace for this resistor.

    Not connecting pin 4 is the key to making my Mechboard work ( I NEVER use shift lock, so I don't care about the LED), but you're right, it can't differentiate between the left shift and shift lock.