C64 Reloaded MK2 Not Appearing in OSX Serial

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  • Please contact me for the shipping cost as soon as is convenient. I’m really confused about the chip insertion. I don’t think I was doing anything wrong so I’ll be fascinated to see what you did. Are you saying some chips were in the wrong way?

    Every single chip was inserted the wrong way round. No need to ask that again - I mentioned that earlier in this thread. Now that you're asking again, you confirm that you have trouble reading what I wrote. This may or may not be my fault - I am German and I only learned English at school. However, I'm pretty sure that the instruction sheet does show the correct orientation clearly, both in picture and text, for example "notch facing rear".

    Which chips do you think may be damaged? All or just some?

    This was also answered before: These chips appear to work, but I won't go as far as saying "they are OK". I am not the supplier of the chips, and I will not make any promises about their current state. As I wrote yesterday, the chips may have suffered long-term damage, but you may be lucky and they will work for many years to come.

  • Hi. I am very happy that you have sorted out my issue. There is no need to sound worried. I know you didn’t supply the chips. And they are my responsibility. I am confused as to how I managed to get the chips round the wrong way when I definitely followed the sheet! But I must have misunderstood. Anyway, I am looking forward to getting back and am very happy. Please send me link to pay for shipping. Thanks for a great product and great after sales service!