P96 Driver Development suggestion, gbi_SetSwitch. User defined ENVARC: MonitorSwitch scripts, programs

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  • Many "graphic.card" (emulators or not) "libraries"/drivers don't come with a function to Switch VGA pass-through.
    Would it make sense to make a ENVARC: variable, e.g. "Setenv SAVE XYZGraphicCard-on S:XYZ-On" and "Setenv SAVE XYZGraphicCard-Off S:XYZ-Off" or something similar?
    Those control programs/scripts could of course switch input via RS-232, IR etc., whatever is at hand.

    Those ENVARC: programs/scripts should somehow be tied to STRUCTURE BoardInfo -> APTR gbi_SetSwitch.

    A lot of people using a single monitor, must be very distressed, switching monitor input manually all the time. A ENVARC: or something similar could maybe solve that?
    In the meantime I'll write a half-ugly patch to try the concept out. I'm using an old LG-TV with Composite, S-VHS, Component, VGA and HDMI input all selectable via an RS-232 connection.

    It would essentially enable user/3rd party Monitor Switches "after the facts".
    Thanks for still keeping the dream alive :)


  • P96 already has the software-means to toggle VGA switches. Our Indivision products take advantage of that, and can switch off the sync signals in order to tell a monitor to switch to another input. I see no reason why the same software method shouldn't be used by external switches.