any new Amiga 500 accelerator in the works?

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  • Hey!

    Just got my a500 recapped and cleaned and ready to go, but I would like to get a ACA500+ or something for smooth and simple whdl gaming goodness... :love:

    Thought I would ask first if there are any ACA500+ successor in the works or if I can just go ahead and order?

    Would be just my luck if I order now and in a couple of weeks a successor would be announced or something ;(


  • A new version of ACA500+ was released only a few months ago (late last year), so I doubt there will be any hardware update for it for a while.

    But then again I am not Indiv. Comp. so I can only comment on what I see and have :)

  • The ACA500plus is a very successful product - no matter what review I am forwarded, people say that the feature set is great as-is, and my initial strategy to unify the "accelerator port" using the A1200 connector is als taken very positive.

    In other words: No matter what accelerator I develop next, it'll be compatible with the ACA500plus and the A1200 at the same time. No need to change the ACA500plus itself - it's a great (re-)entry basis for the "hobby Amiga".

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