P96 3.3.3 and crash when opening picture in multiview

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  • With a P96 workbench screen, please open attached "DoggieBackground.lace" picture in Multiview and then use Multiview's menu item to open it up in a separate screen. I get the following MuForce hit "doglace.txt" and graphic corruption.

    I'm not 100% certain if coming from P96 but seems like it could be since if I do the same from a workbench screen that is set to a native NTSC screen mode there is no issue.



  • I narrowed it down a bit:

    If Workbench screen is 32 colors, then when picture is loaded on its own screen, then no issue.

    If Workbench screen is 256 , then see the issue. I haven't tried other color modes.

    The best way to reproduce is to make sure a P96 driver is loaded in monitor drivers and boot into a 256 color wb screen and then load picture in multiview and switch full screen mode.

  • Reposting what I posted on EAB here:

    I tried ilbm.datatype 45.3 and picture.datatype 47.19 and this is working. It opens up native Amiga screen and I don't see the crash anymore.

    If I go to the 3.1.4 version of both picture.datatype 46.13 and ilbm.datatype 45.3 then the behavior is different. It uses P96 screen instead of native amiga screen. Also, in this case I did not see crash.

    So something to do with 47.6 ilbm.datatype in 3.2 I suppose or interaction with P96?

  • So something to do with 47.6 ilbm.datatype in 3.2 I suppose or interaction with P96?

    I'd like to re-direct this to the OS3.2 team, as they know best what they have changed. The picture datatype appears to be key: Is this using FPU code? Maybe your setup doesn't have one?