ACE2b -A500 rev5

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  • po instalaci je jen černá obrazovka, gootek ukazuje načítání WB pokud vrátím původní agnus vše opět funguje vyzkoušeno na 3x A500 rev 3 a rev5 vždy stejný problém

    není použit žádný urychlovač

    nainstalovaná ROM 3.1

    na všech A500 jsem provedl čištění IPA a kartáček na zuby, na uvolnění AGNUS používám nástroj, abych nepoškodil patici jako vždy

    Je ještě něco, co mohu sám vyzkoušet, nebo je ACE2b vadný?

  • that's what I originally wanted, but the board has a slanted line, it wasn't possible to insert the number 1 at the socket above the inscription a500 on this rev5 a500, I still have an a500 rev6 board and there the socket is turned as you write, I'll test it in a moment

  • so even on a500 rev6 ace2b does not work again, I cleaned the IPA and with a toothbrush all the pins on the agnus socket were OK after returning the original AGNUS everything works, also tested with GARY in the socket from ace2b to be sure that GARY is correctly installed in the reduction and the a500 started up with the original AGNUS chip

  • It's (unfortunately!) very possible that by this wrong installation, you've killed ACE2b.

  • I'm 100% sure that I didn't turn the ace2b, that's why I attached a photo of the board that has the AGNUS chip turned on the other board, the agnus chip is located just like in your photo, please look at the photo of the board, you'll notice the corners for pulling out the chip with the tool, I'm also attaching a photo of the second board that I have the AGNUS turned the same way as your photo, you will notice the different position of the number 1, I oriented the ACE2b both according to the placement of the agnus chip and also according to the sticker where the number 1 is and the arrow pointing towards the number 1, if there was no seal over the AGNUS chip, I would remove it and tested in my a500+ rev8 but i don't want to break the warranty seal

  • Okay, searched, the Agnus socket has really been rotated from rev 3/5 -> rev 6/8 by 90 degrees ... didn't know before they rotated chips :(.

  • It is wise to educate yourself, Jens, please, are there other solutions or should I send the ace2b back? is it possible to arrange for me to send a500rev6 or a500rev5 with the agnus turned, if you want to perform some tests on these boards regarding compatibility?

  • It is wise to educate yourself, Jens, please,

    Your second picture in post#6 shows the Agnus in wrong orientation. Why? This is actually what got me confused.

    Not sure what the Rev.8 photo in post#6 would say - that's unrelated. If you want to upgrade a Rev.8, please look at the A2048.

    We've had cases before where customers had ACE2b inserted the wrong way, and it survived (documented in this forum). The most likely cause is a contact problem. Please check the corner pins, these are most likely to fail. Pull them inwards a little and re-try.


  • Hi Jens, I probably expressed myself wrong, I meant to say that I don't want to break the seal on ace2b, but that I can test the AGNUS itself that is on ace2b on the a500+ rev8 board, I installed ace2b only on the boards that are photographed, i.e. the a500 rev3 which has AGNUS turned differently than the other a500 rev5 board, it didn't work on either of these ace2b boards, always just a black screen even though you can see and hear that the disk is reading data, so please let me know if there is anything else I can do on the a500 rev3 and rev5 boards or if I should send the ace2b back for inspection, as I already wrote the position of number 1, I was careful on the AGNUS socket so as not to turn it, moreover, from my point of view, a lot of force would have to be used to overcome the sharp corners, which I check for overturning in the socket, I am not installing AGNUS for the first time as similar chips in the same types of sockets

    so please give me info on how to proceed

    As always, I pulled out the pins with a bent pin to make the best possible contact when inserting the chip into the socket, I also used the IPU and a toothbrush, so I can repeat the procedure with the pin one more time, I will send a photo of the socket before inserting ace2b

    Thank you


  • always just a black screen even though you can see and hear that the disk is reading data,

    That's an important detail I didn't see before. This means that the computer (and therefore Agnus) works fundamentally, only display is somehow blocked. Again, this sounds like a contact problem. Make sure that all pins of the socket are pulled in, especially inspect corner pins, as these are most prone to being pushed in if you pull out the Agnus chip at an angle.

    Cleaning the socket with IPA and an old toothbrush also does wonders. Also, if you insert ACE2b while the socket and adapter socket are still wet, you get an additional cleaning effect by the two metals scratching against each other with a small film of alcohol on them.


  • ok I will test and let you know

    I use a tool to pull out the AGNUS, which pulls the chip straight out, the tool is specially designed for these sockets

  • I'm familiar with these tools. And I frequently fail to use them properly, pulling only one end out and getting the chip at an angle anyway :-)


  • So I pulled out all the pins in the socket, the problem is still the same, the amiga only has a black screen, as I mentioned that the disk is reading, I did not realize that I have an aca500+ connected, when I disconnect it, there is only a black screen and the disk does not read, I can also mention, that the agnus installed in ace2b is warm not hot, so it will be under voltage, I tested on all a500 rev3 rev5 rev6 the situation is always the same, it doesn't seem to me that the socket is so incompatible with every a500,

    if I put the original AGNUS back into the socket everything works, I wanted to measure the paths, but I don't know where is which one, the pin on the ace2b relative to the board, on there is only the a500+ rev8 board which is not usable for me to detect the other side etc.., the only what I can do now is to send the ace2b back to you for testing, I would love to have this amazing hardware in my a500 so I hope we can sort it out. as you wrote I can send the a500 rev5 together with the chip to verify that it works, I understand that there may be expenses with testing the a500, but I really don't know what to do anymore, I don't insist on returning the postage, I understand that this is not a normal sale of hardware and of course I will be grateful if you will take care of it, of course I will pay the return postage to the Czech Republic to your paypal including other expenses, which will be the fastest, I have already placed a few orders on icomp, so I believe that the trust should be fine.

    so where should I send the package?

  • Sure - we'll test the unit in our system first, and if there's any work to be done to the computer, we'll get approval from you before doing anything.

    Please make sure your eMail address is readable on the letter that you'll include.


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