connect AGA MK2 output to BVision?

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  • Hi All,

    I recently got a BVision card and that does not go together with an AGA MK2 (non CR) because they overlap by a CM or 2. Is there a way to insert the AGA MK2 signal in to the BVision VGA cable? The connector on the MK2 would break the BVision card so I suppose you would have to steal the signals from somewhere on the card and insert them in to the BVision cable.


  • "insert into the BVision cable" sounds like it has an input? I would not know of a switcher inside the BVision.

    In any case, it'll be a mechanical modification to one or the other device - as you may have guessed in the first place, we cannot recommend cutting on our product. My personal recommendation would be to replace it with e cr version, as that's shorter - maybe short enough to fit with a BVision.

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