ACA1221EC Ramdrive

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  • This is from your webpage:

    "This accelerator comes with a 68ec020 processor (25MHz rating) and 16MBytes physical memory. 9MBytes of this physical memory can be used as fastmem, and up to 7 MBytes can be used as a ram disk. The CPU speed can be switched in four steps between 17.03MHz and 42.5MHz. Overclocking the card beyond 28.38MHz will require active cooling; operation at this high speed is not guaranteed."

    Maybe this would be more accurate:

    " 9MBytes of this physical memory can be used as fastmem, and up to 7 MBytes could be used as a ram disk, but a driver is not available"

  • Is there any chance that the ram disk software for the ACA1221EC will ever become reality? It's very disappointing to buy a product trusting a promise that never delivers.

  • I've already mentioned in the German part of this forum that it's very unlikely that such a development will be made by iComp.

    Further, please understand that there has been NO PROMISE that this software exists or will be developed. Instead, the possibility of using the extra memory with special software is available to everyone who wants to write that software. Programming documentation is open in our Wiki.