X-Surf-100 yellow screen on boot

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  • Hi

    I have an X-Surf-100, I got it second hand from my friend so it would be well outside warranty, and I accept that you won't fix it for free.

    I have been using it for several months, recently in a 4kT and before that in a 3kT, in both cases with a rapidroad installed. Other cards present are Picasso IV.

    Today the XSurf caused my Amiga to crash. Network was not running at the time, I was playing with Picasso IV settings. Upon reset the power led will flash several times and the Amiga will display yellow screen. It does this with the Z2 jumper both closed and open (it was running open, in z3 mode). The Amiga will boot happily with the XSurf removed.

    Is it fixable at my end e.g. flashing the CPLD? If not what other options are available (other than buying a new one)?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Jens
    The system fails to boot with or without the rapid road, it was definitely a problem with the x-surf.

    I tried the x-surf in a different machine and it boots, so I put it back in the 4kT and it boots in a different slot. Not sure why, it shouldn't make a difference.

    The issue seems resolved for now. Sorry for wasting your time. I will let you know if I have any other problems.

  • YOu have to remember that these computers are well over two decades old. The most common problems we have is contact problems, and plugging the card into a different slot may have had the same effect as re-seating it in the same slot. The usual remedy for contact problems in Zorro slots is IPA and an old toothbrush. Never use contact sprays, as they contain additional lubricants that are not desirable on a computer slot.

    Please take a look at the AmiTCP install disk, available in our shop. It makes network installation MUCH easier and will mount the "iComp drive", making download of drivers to your Amiga easier than ever before.

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