Arrowkey "stuck" in menu mode

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  • I am experiencing a small irritating thing with my newly arrived hardware.. I have what looks like a software error, resulting in a “stuck” arrow key in the menu mode..

    I tryed the following without any help:

    Several reboot, soft and hard

    Ensuring shiftlock is not pressed or enabled

    Joystick unplugged

    Check the link to see a small crappy video that shows the problem:

  • weird... could you check if the same happens when pressing the cursor keys on a connected ps/2 keyboard? (still in cartridge mode). If possible, also please try with another C64. I can not reproduce this here (and the respective code has been in use for ages... so probably it works right :))

  • Other sources where this may come from are the PS2 keyboard and Infrared. There's a menu option that lets you disable the IR detector, so if there's some unwanted IR signals in your room, the Chameleon can ignore it.

    I'm sure you would have checked a PS2 keyboard if you had installed one.

  • I would like to test a PS2 keyboard, but unfortunately I don't have any.. :( And my second C64 seems not to be working atm (typically)...

    I'll see if I can manage to get into the menu area where I can disable the IR detector

  • ..IR Receiver is now off (I have to hit the enter key at exact right moment to enter the menu areas).. problem still there...

    .. and now I have screen flickering due to some other settings I managed to change in my quest to enter the input settings menu and disable the IR received.. :)

  • I was thinking of a CIA failure that causes the joystick-down bit to be stuck. The easiest way to find out if the fault comes from the C64 is to try out stand-alone mode, but you'd need the CDTV remote control, a PS2 keyboard or the Docking Station to make that test. So.. does any of your friends who live close by have a PS2 keyboard?

  • hmm... more errors...

    1) I cannot "Reset with cartridge" - that just hangs the system (Retro Replay selected in Slot 1, with slot 1 as default cartridge)

    2) When accessing the file browser and selecting a .prg file on an SD card with a .d64 file on it, the intro music starts playing fine, but only the yellow screen with mounting information is showing.. but I can hear that it is the intro music playing, and when I press space, the main music starts playing (just trying out an old version of antidote that I know by heart)

    ...and now even "Reset to Basic" fails.. as well as all variants of "Clear Memory.." :(

  • urks... are you sure this C64 is working OK?

    it would really help if you tried the chameleon in standalone mode... if that works, the chameleon is not the problem :)

  • I managed to get a hold of a PS/2 keyboard + USB power supply and started testing, and it seems that it's my old breadbox that fucks up things..

    I disasembled my non-working C64 (newer model) and fixed it today, plugged in the Chameleon and tadaaa... works.. :)

    So, I am a happy camper at the moment.. but still puzzled on what is wrong with my breadbox, as it works flawless without the Chameleon.. ?

  • it could be as simple as dirty expansion port. or even a dirty power connector or power switch. or the CIAs are giving up soon. or mmh... it could be so many things :) here i could fix most cases of irritating behaviour by cleaning the ports/connectors and the power switch however. the later is often underestimated - a subtle voltage drop at the switch can cause really subtle problems, like the one you are seeing.

    that said, it could still be something completely different - good to hear it fors for you now :)

  • This might as well be an edge case in accessing the C64. Please list the exact chip designations, including datcodes and whatever else you find in the computer. I am especially interested in:

    - CIAs

    - PLA

    - board revision

    - any expansions installed in the computer

    - possibly a photo of the 74LS139 that generates the select-signals for the IO chips (if it's a board revision with discrete logic)

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