D81 file support for Turbo Chameleon

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  • Greetings,

    I just received my Turbo Chameleon and have been getting accustomed to how it works. I can't seem to be able to load D81 images. I also couldn't find any reference to any D81 image support in the manual anywhere.

    Am I missing something and just not mounting the D81 images correctly or is the Turbo Chameleon not able to support those images at this time?


  • The TC64/TC64 V2 does not support D71 or D81 images.

  • no plans as far as I know. You can however connect something like an sd2iec to load D81 files. But you need to run it's own filebrowser. Launching D81 files from sd2iec via tc64s filebrowser will not work I think. All D81 software should be available as D64s anyway. As all D81 games came from D64s originally.

    And diskswapping is effortless with the tc64 anyway. So multidisk D64 software is no issue really

  • I understand. What I ended up doing was making SD2IEC device 8 with the TC64 SD Card as device 9. This way I can use the larger images. I am still discovering and working to understand how to best use the TC64. I won't ask any questions unless I just can't figure it out. :)