ACA 500+ Aux CF Card Spec Recommendation

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  • Hello All,

    I am just getting back into Amiga computing and while I am really enjoying it, I feel like a total novice again so please excuse me for the rudimentary question.

    I just purchased an ACA 500+ for my OCS Amiga 500. I plan to stick with Amiga OS 3.1 and my use case is nostalgia exploring (checking out a bunch of old software I used to use 30 years ago just for fun) as well as actively gaming (likely by WHDLoad).

    Knowing this, is there are suggested set of specifications/requirements (size, speed, etc.) for CF cards to use in the Aux slot of the ACA 500+ to transport files from my Windows 10 PC to my Amiga 500? Obviously I'd like larger capacity, but don't want to sacrifice compatibility.

    Thank you in advance and apologies again for such a low level question.

  • The only known incompatibility is already mentioned product description: Avoid the extremely-cheap "innodisk chip" cards, but that appears easy, because I haven't seen them lately.

    Size-wise, you shouldn't go beyond 16G, as larger cards will also require more RAM that you'll only have if you add an A1200 accelerator.

    If you want to make sure you're not getting fake flash cards, support your local store: So far, I have never heard of any fake cards that have been purchased in physical stores, but I have experienced lots of fake going on if you buy from eBay. Responses from sellers are always the same, nicely staged, but you start to get the pattern after the first few fake cards.

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