Indivsion AGA 1200 and Sum 1200 usb adapter

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  • Hi Jen's.

    Thanks for the Scan Doubler, it's wonderful.

    Q:. Does the u7 adapter need to sit there if not doing any config? I ask, as I have a Sum 1200 USB adapter that wants to sit on the same u7.


  • AFAIK for the pure functionality of the Indivision the u7-adapter is not required. All configurations can be done by using the Indivision-software.

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  • I would not look at USB, as the protocol is inherently inferior to PS2: Yes, there are n-key-rollover keyboards, but they are using a special protocol that is pretty hard to implement on a microcontroller. You therefore run into problems if you're using games that requrie you to press multiple keys at the same time.

    On the other hand, PS2 has n-key-rollover in it's protocol, as the "key down" and "key release" codes are transmitted separately - and with a lot less lag than with USB. So I have several reasons to recommend the Lyra keyboard adapter to you:

    1) it will not limit you in terms of games that require pressing several keys at the same time

    2) lag is a lot shorter than USB

    3) it's compatible with Indivision AGA MK3 and it's live configuration feature

    4) it's an iComp product :-)

  • Ah, rats! I thought you may say that. Is there a uk supplier you use as the postage and import tax can sting for such a small item?

    Thanks for the thorough reply.

  • Sorry to say it, but yes, we've been scammed too often, so we MUST send with a service that will deliver in 5 days or less, which excludes DHL and most, if not all economy options. See other thread(s) about shipping.

  • And how will I connect a original AMIGA Keyboard, wich I has converted via Keyrath V2 Adapter to USB to the Lyra Adapter?

    My A1200 is towered. I bought a cheap mitsumi A500 keyboard from a well known auction site with broken keys. It can be converted into an A4000 style keyboard by desoldering the motherboard lead, LEDs and the transistor. I then bought a ps2 extension lead, cut one end off, stripped back the wires and soldered it in place of the lead. I can't remember the pinout off hand.

    I then removed the upper key assembly from the A500 keyboard and replaced it with the upper assembly from my A1200 keyboard. Thing to note here is the doner A500 keyboard needs to be a small enter key model or you'll need to change the membrane too, though changing the upper part is optional depending on the condition of the doner A500 keyboard. You now have a keyboard you can mount in a micronik keyboard case, old A2000 keyboard case etc. You can then use this with either the excellent icomp lyra 2 or 3. You won't need the sum usb or keyrah then.

    GGL A500 to A4000 conversion will show you the pinouts.

  • If you show at the Schamtics of the A1200, you can see that the A1200 has the same Keyboard Signals as a A500. One Board Revision has Also a Connector. So Theoreticly I can get this Points, put them on a DIN connector and then I organize a A500 Keyboard and solder a Longer cable on this Keyboard.

    All possible. But the charme of a A1200–>Keyrath–>USB–>SUM Adapter is, that I can also take my Mac Keyboard (USB) as temporary solution, if the Amiga Keyboard broken.

    I know, we are in the Retro Computing Scene here, but the truth is: PS/2 is dead.

  • Additional Information: If I have search it right, since revision 1e of the motherboard the A1200 has the CN17 connector with the Important Signals for a Keyboard Adapter (KB Test). You found there the KBClock, KB_DATA, KB_RESET Signal.

    My Problem is, that I have an 1D board. And here I have get this Signals direct from the PCB. Not my favorite way.