P96 3.3.0: CirrusGD5434 can't switch from higher to lower color depths anymore

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  • I just upgraded two machines to 3.3.0 and belatedly discovered that if I increase the color depth, the screen becomes unusable upon switching back to the original lower color depth. Here's my repro on two different machines:

    1. Boot into 1024x768 8-bit
    2. Test another screen mode, like 1024x768 16-bit or 800x600 32-bit. It displays properly
    3. Return to the original mode. The picture is unreadable with the wrong colors, necessitating a reboot.

    I'm using a GBAPII++ in both. I upgraded the CirrusGD5434 chipset driver when upgrading P96 by selecting Piccolo SD64. If I restore CirrusGD5434.chip from 3.2.4, the regression goes away.

  • This is already fixed internally, but for now it's safe to switch back to the 3.2.4 driver. It's not much that has changed in 3.3.0 - you're not missing out on anything.