X-Surf-100 setup problem

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  • Hi,

    I just purchased A4000 with x-surf-100 and wanted to setup network. I followed the guide, copied the x-surf-100.devide to DEVS/networks and run the Roadshow. Copied the x-surf-100 net interface from Storage to Devs/netinterfaces. Ping/IBrowse/AmiSpeedTest throwing Host lookup failed. When I try to add net interface manually I receive the message: Could not add interface "x-surf-100" (input/otput error).

    This is the result of xsurftest:

    The light on the card is blinking red.

    Appreciate any help!

    Best regards

  • The test result is positive: Card is working, memory is tested OK, packet is sent OK.

    Please turn to Roadshow support (not our product), or go with the AmiTCP install disk, available in our shop.

  • Thanks for the feedback. This does sound like there was not much help from the Roadshow side? I'm not saying it's a bad product! We've used it for tests as well (just to find out *how*much* faster our version of AmiTCP is), and it held up nicely.

  • I just couldn't made it to work and almost gave up. To be honest I have now AmiTCP running on A4k with X-Surf-100 and Rapidroad on A2k with zz9000 and I prefer the usability of the AmiTCP so happy with the result.

  • Thanks again - it's always good to hear that all the work was worth it. Tell all your friends :-)

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