P96 3.2.4's rtg.library issue with icon palette

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  • Hello,

    I've experienced a minor glitch when using P96's rtg.library > 42.1106 (26-Dic-2021) (this was the last one without this issue)...

    My WinUAE sys (Zorro III RTG + p96, 060 with 3.9 and mmulib by T. Richter etc.):

    icon.library 46.4.563 Aminet - util/libs/IconLib_46.4.lha

    Picasso96API.library 2.407 (27-Feb-2022)
    ©2021 iComp

    emulation.library 41.493 (27-Feb-2022)
    ©2021 iComp

    rtg.library 42.1226 (27-Feb-2022)
    ©1991-99 A.Kneer T.Abt, ©2017-2018 icomp

    When loading Coloricons >32colors with PPaint (reproducible also with free version from Aminet) + pio_ico plugin Aminet - gfx/ppaint/pio_icon.lha right after loading the icon PPaint screen palette gets corrupt, as discussed on EAB forum icon.library 46.4 test versions - Page 196 - English Amiga Board (abime.net) :

    (10) WinUAE 2022 04 07 23 50 56 01 - YouTube

    Video explained:

    1. launch PPaint
    2. open 'Load brush' PP-requester
    3. double click on the right: ICON format (will open pio_ico prefs), and then Cancel
    4. at this point, from WB, drag'n'drop a program with coloricon >=32colors on PPaint app-icon, this will automatically point to the correct path into previously open PPaint 'Load brush' requester
    5. switch back to PPaint and just load the program (it has an .info of course that will be automatically loaded)

    You'll see the screen palette gets altered (PPaint UI turns blue!) in the video after loading, and to restore the correct palette I can simply switch screens back and forth from usual Intuition depth screen gadget in the upper-right.

    The author of new icon.library commented:


    This rtg.library palette issue seems to occur only when you have at least two different screens open, like WB in TrueColor and another 8-bit screen in chunky mode. It is triggered by SetRGB32() and ReleasePen() and it seems to happen when colors of a non-active screen should be changed (for the first time). My icon.library tries to do that with the delayed color mapping. There is no problem with my direct access to the private data structure of PalExtra as I expected. I can still allocate new free pens and increase the reference counters as usual, if I just disable the call to SetRGB32(), then everthing still works, except that I don't get the desired new colors, so a few pixels show wrong colors, but the screen palette and DOpus5 wallpapers won't get corrupted.

  • It happens only when using new icon.library by P.K., but switching to older rtg.library fixes it so it seems a problem in rtglib...

    Probably other programs using SetRGB32() and ReleasePen() in a certain way are potentially affected (it's just a case that is triggered by pio_ico plugin and PPaint)...

    In short it happens in this case:

    new iconlib + new rtglib

    But won't happen with:

    old iconlib + new rtglib


    new iconlib + old rtglib

    Would be great if you can give it a look, because I'd really like being able to use new icon.library for (MUCH) better WB icon palette + latest rtg.library with all its improvements...

  • but switching to older rtg.library fixes it so it seems a problem in rtglib...

    Not necessarily. We continue to improve P96, and also remove "fixes" that are far from "clean". This may break bad software, and PPaint is definitely in that group. So once again: Is there any other software that triggers an error?

  • New iconlib athor said this, so yes, it seems a generic issue, not something broken because of some hacks in PPaint:


    This issue also has happened (not anymore now after recent workaround in the new icon.library) with DOpus5 on chunky screens when WB is running in TrueColor. On a 32 color screen the palette was damaged right from the start when DOpus5 was loading the disk icons. - And AfA_OS also shows ColorIcons with random colored frames instead of frameless, but AfA has its own icon_lib.exe...

  • Seems to have been fixed indeed from my quick testing, but I'll wait for a bug-free WinUAE 4.9.2+ version to test it thoroughly since 4.9.1 seems to have a few problems with 3.3.0...